1. set of crystal and pearl bobby pins, 2. resin strass barrette, 3. dress with jersey tee, 4. pearl pink bag, 5. multi stripe tote, 6. high rise stove pipe jeans Ok here’s the post when I go all blogger-y on you and tell you why you should be shopping for spring when it’s still … Continue Reading

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Suuuper fun topic right? Well the reality is this: no matter how great your hair is, it’s going to get thinner as you get older, especially after you have children. Having never been blessed with long thick hair, I’ve always been mildly obsessed with any hair product that will make my hair thicker. Over the … Continue Reading

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This photo was taken three weeks after my last hair appointment and you can see my hair color is still very much alive and well. In the past, the orangey-reddish tint that my stylist applied over my highlights would be gone after a week. She had told me the tint would would wash out, so … Continue Reading

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So you’ve probably noticed an underlying theme on the blog the past couple years: having a child kind of disrupts your previously-held life patterns. And I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I go to bed at a much more reasonable hour now, reduced screen time (both tv and internet) by quite a bit … Continue Reading

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