When bourbon meets bluegrass, I feel like the attire is pretty straightforward. Some friends of ours invited us to a Bourbon and Bluegrass festival a few weeks ago and it was a great excuse to go full-on with the western trend. I think it’s pretty evident I’ve always been a fan of western style, but … Continue Reading

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I’m no stranger to outlet shopping. When I was a girl, I would tag along with my mom and grandmother and oftentimes end up scoring most of that season’s school wardrobe at the outlets. As I got older, we would shop for my special occasion dresses and it was so exciting to be able to … Continue Reading

When I started packing for Paris, I knew this fun, frilly dress would be coming with me. It’s kind of an unexpected travel favorite, because with the lace collar and cuff details, it requires very little in terms of accessories. This was my outfit for dinner at Clover, a restaurant that had come highly recommended … Continue Reading

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Suuuper fun topic right? Well the reality is this: no matter how great your hair is, it’s going to get thinner as you get older, especially after you have children. Having never been blessed with long thick hair, I’ve always been mildly obsessed with any hair product that will make my hair thicker. Over the … Continue Reading

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