M.M. LaFleur capsule wardrobe

wearing M.M. LaFleur silk dress, t-shirt, Converse sneakers, and Krewe sunglasses

M.M. LaFleur washable silk dress
M.M. LaFleur washable silk dress
M.M. LaFleur capsule wardrobe

wearing M.M. LaFleur t-shirt, cardigan, pants, Sezane loafers and belt

wearing M.M. LaFleur silk dress, cardigan, and Strathberry bag

It’s hard to believe fall is just around the corner when it still feels so much like summer. Thankfully I am in no way ready to put away the “new” pieces I just picked up a couple weeks months ago.

I started a new job this spring and the M.M. LaFleur DC showroom came to my rescue (as they often do) with a collection of pieces that are both office appropriate and commuter friendly. I’ve been wearing M.M. LaFleur for years and I love that they always use high quality fabrics in an interesting mix of textures and prints. They mix and match extremely well together, making getting dressed a no-brainer. They’re easy to clean too!

As you can see, they all easily transition from work to weekend. And I certainly see outfit possibilities well into fall, too. The colorful (washable!) silk slip dress layers over my favorite tee just as easily as it pairs with this wonderfully structured cardigan. And the micro gingham print trousers work with those pieces just as well. Lately I’ve been wearing them with sandals, but on cooler days I’ve been loving them with these loafers.

I dunno about you, but I find something very satisfying about a capsule wardrobe that makes me just as excited to style moving into a new season, as it did the season before. Thanks M.M. LaFleur inviting me to shop the DC showroom (and for making it so easy to shop my closet)!

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I love that green blazer!

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