Have you ever had one of those totally gross, rainy evenings where you had plans to go out, but the thought of putting something cute on literally cannot compute? I found myself in this very dilemma last week before a Trunk Club holiday gifting preview. I put on something frilly and “holiday-ready,” took one look … Continue Reading

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Whenever an aesthetician asks me what about my top skincare concerns, redness is almost always top of my list. And lord knows winter weather doesn’t make it any better. As soon as the temp drops below 50°F, I pretty much turn into Rudolph and it feels like a constant battle with foundation and concealer to … Continue Reading

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I don’t know about you, but my instagram and blog feeds have been filled with classic gray plaid blazers lately and it kind of makes my heart sing. I have more than a couple in my collection, but this vintage Ungaro one has to be my favorite. I wore this to the Atlantic’s Washington Ideas … Continue Reading

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DC has changed so much since I first moved back 13 years ago. If you told me then we’d have such a plethora of child-friendly places to eat and shop, I doubt I would have believed you. A couple weekends ago, we took full advantage of our (relatively new) selection when planned a trip to … Continue Reading

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