It’s a windy, cold day and I am looking forward to being someplace warm when it starts to get really icky. Another designer who is inspiring me for my island-hopping trip is Alice Temperley.

Temperley Spring 09
Image Source

It was hard not to include almost every look from Temperley’s collection in this post. I’m convinced everything she touches turns to (beautiful) gold. One of the most striking dresses was the blue satin asymmetrical mini dress. I was inspired to pair my own blue dress with a hefty belt after seeing hers. In fact, the whole collection is balanced magnificently with heavy studded accessories (once again, I’m a fan of the badass fetish shoes). Another fav is definitely the white, blue, and purple striped scarf-y dress with the bowler in the top middle – the whole look is genius. I’m not a hat person (my head is the size of a small child’s), but that look might make me reconsider.

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