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B. and I had a very special dinner at Founding Farmers. It was sooo good. We’re definitely going back to sit at the bar and eat fried green tomatoes. B. and I both decided it was the best meal we’ve had for the money since we’ve been in DC. B. got the ribeye, which I could not stop stealing bites of, even though I was stuffed. Aside from Buck’s Fishing and Camping, it was probably the best steak we’ve had in DC. I had the Striped Bass au meuniere, which B. could not stop stealing bites of. We got a great wine recommendation out of it, too – the Zinfandel we wanted wasn’t available so the waiter brought us the Fess Parker Frontier Red (Lot 81). Such a great wine to know about! It’s around $10 at the liquor store and has tons of flavor (blackberry, clove, pepper, vanilla). Oh, and the appetizers were delicious. Best fried green tomatoes I have had in a long time (with delicious dipping sauce I wanted to take home in my purse) and B. thought the deviled eggs were good, too.

Satellite of Love

Sunner shirtdress, awesome Topshop zipper belt, Spanx tights, Zara shoes, Chanel purse

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