Considering we had not one, but two driven women in this election, I thought I would do a post on femmes fatales. If you think about it, they’re often the most sexy and fashionable. My favs below.

Who: Vivian Sternwood
From: The Big Sleep
Likes: drinking at noon, singing at parties, roulette
Dislikes: blackmail
Wears: satin dressing gowns, berets, houndstooth skirt suits

Who: Lady Von Tassel
From: Sleepy Hollow
Likes: revenge
Dislikes: nosy stepdaughters, detectives from New York City, chatty sisters
Wears: ornate ball gowns in dark colors, black and white optical patterns, three-quarter length sleeves, high necklaces

Who: Catwoman
From: Batman Returns
Likes: cats, drinking milk out of the carton, kisses under the mistletoe
Dislikes: falls from great heights, seedy bosses
Wears: dumpy-to-sexy secretary wear by day, vinyl stitched with white thread, heels, and whips by night

Who: Caterine Vaubin
From: I Heart Huckabees
Likes: Nihilism, Absurdism, the outdoors
Dislikes: Existentialism
Wears: sexy suits, killer heels, tight knit dresses, military-inspired coats

Who: Dita Von Teese
From: burlesque shows
Likes: dancing, martini glasses
Dislikes: Marilyn Manson, blond tarts
Wears: Mr. Pearl corsets, Dior, hats (has over 350 in her collection, as well as 400 corsets), very very high heels, fitted dresses/suits, long red nails

Who: Marchesa Luisa Casati
From: Venice, Italy
Likes: exotic animals, feathers, anything in her image
Dislikes: when costumes electrocute her (like the one above)
Wears: live snakes, kohl, elaborate costumes, leopardskin, false eyelashes

Who: Verna Bernbaum
From: Miller’s Crossing
Likes: winning hats in poker games
Dislikes: being called a “grifter”
Wears: fur stoles, cigarette holders, silk slips, slinky dresses

Who: Mrs. Mia Wallace
From: Pulp Fiction
Likes: $5 milkshakes, cocaine
Dislikes: overdosing
Wears: long fitted white shirts, menswear, gold flats, blunt-cut bangs

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