I love Halloween.

I kind of picture her waking up in the morning, doing the Bewitched nose wiggle and miraculously looking flawless. Speaking of the Bewitched magic nose wiggle, can anyone do that? I remember trying my damnedest as a child and never managing to get my nose to do that.

I often get inspired sartorially by films, especially by ones with femme fatales. I think when you dress like a certain character, it inspires you to act a little differently than you might otherwise. I think almost every girl has had that pair of shoes or that dress that has made her feel a little … Continue Reading

Please excuse my child-like collage, but I have to learn remedial Illustrator skills for work so I thought I might as well apply them to el blog. Even so, do not mistake my terrible lack of computer graphic capability for lack of enthusiasm for Dolce & Gabbana’s F/W collection as I AM SO IN LOVE! … Continue Reading