A little something for the boys –  Trunk Club recently invited B and I to come check out their clubhouse across from the National Portrait Gallery (sweet view, btw) and we both loved how easy and enjoyable Trunk Club makes it to shop for multiple pieces in one place. How it works: Sign up and … Continue Reading

So Saturday started out as a lovely, warm day and quickly dissolved into a tornado, just in time for picture-taking. Quite annoying. What do you all have planned for V-day tomorrow? B and I went to the Oval Room on Friday, which was most delicious (read: duck-stuffed tater tots, I repeat: duck-stuffed tots). We don’t … Continue Reading

Went to a friend’s rather cold soccer game on Friday and, shocker of all shockers, I was the one dressed most practically.  Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.  Even so, I feel like it’s not hard to wear flats when they’re as adorable as these.  I’ve been putting off buying the oh-so-boring … Continue Reading

This whole house hunt thing is dominating any remnant of spare time I might normally have and it’s killing my blogging.  Wow, that sounds pretty sad: real life is cramping my virtual style.  On a recent visit with our real estate agent, B commented that one of the spare bedrooms would most likely double as … Continue Reading