Finally getting a chance to share my little guide to Cape Charles, Virginia. My family and friends loved our stay at this charming beach town, so it’s definitely worth a look if you’re planning a Labor Day weekend getaway. Where To Stay Whenever we travel together, my good friend Jenny always finds us the best … Continue Reading

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When we don’t have weekend obligations (which seems rare these days), one of our favorite things to do is to wander lazily up and down 14th St. Most of my favorite DC stores are here and it’s hard to find a bad restaurant in the bunch. Whenever friends come to town and ask for shopping … Continue Reading

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Apologies again for the massive gaps between recipe shares. It’s hard to completely blame the kiddo this time, because honestly we’ve just been enjoying summer outdoor activities and dedicating time to trying new recipes hasn’t really been our top priority. But we recently had a nice excuse to slow down and cook a nice family … Continue Reading

Since having a child, my idea of a legit vacation is an extra hour in bed (maybe two) and an hour more to enjoy my coffee in bed with a magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I love my child and he’s brought nothing but good things to my life, but sleeping in, hot beverages, and … Continue Reading

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