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Last night I went to a couple birthday happy hours, which was fun because I got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while. Happy hours are great because they always make for good people watching, especially around the holidays. There’s always the really drunk girl, drink spilt down the front of her, wearing some sort of holiday hat she got from God-knows-where. Then there’s the group of girls, looking dressed and ready to go clubbing at 7 PM on a Thursday. Ah, memories of singlehood.

It was surprisingly warm so I was able to wear this jacket I stole from my mom a while ago. It’s a little Laura Ashley-esque so I had to go badass on the bottom half.

Feeling Gucci

Feeling Gucci

Brooks Brothers wool jacket, Jonathan Saunders for Target pants, Cop. Copine belt, Dolce Vita boots, Hermes bracelet

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LOVE this! You look great!


Thanks! Finding an appropriate way to wear over-the-knee boots can be tricky.

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