When I graduated college and started my first job, my wardrobe was pretty pathetic. Working on an entry level salary, after paying for rent, food, and gas, there just wasn’t a lot leftover for cute clothing. Lucky for me, it was right around this time that Target had started doing designer collaborations. For $100, I … Continue Reading

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Currently listening to Starstruck (sorry, I’m on a Lady Gaga kick again) I felt like my work wardrobe could be a bit more…colorful. Usually, I just stick to black, gray, and navy, so I reinstated this skirt today as one of my “corporate-friendly” pieces. Alice Temperley for Target jacketH&M skirtDolce Vita pumps

Listening to Frosch (by Mouse on Mars) I’m still recovering. I’ve been delinquent about posting because I still haven’t gotten my act together to organize some photos. And we’re going to NYC…today. And I’m not packed. Crap. This was from this weekend, sometime. Not sure which day. Banana Republic blazer, Sunner shirt, Jonathan Saunders for … Continue Reading

Currently listening to Poison (by Bell Biv Devoe)poison! poison! poison! W. and I were recently discussing how white is really more of a winter color than a summer color. “Winter white” has never really been my thing, given my pasty-white complexion and, when you think about it, stark white is really much more applicable to … Continue Reading