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Had so much fun at K.’s holiday/end-of-the-year-wine-club party. Also, I had to try out some macro pics of the wonderful decorations on our Christmas presents. I’m a crap photographer but my mom is always so thoughtful with how she wraps our presents every year that I thought I should do a still life. (The theme this year was kitchen appliances.)


White House Christmas ornament this year…

Holiday Outfit

Holiday Ouftit
yes, I look ridic in this picture but this dress is amazing and I have to show it off

Holiday Outift

Holiday outfit

Gap leather jacket, Karen Millen dress, Hermes bangle, Bebe tights, Report Signature shoes, Rapt in Maille necklace

Oh, FYI, I’ll be on hiatus for the next two weeks, so there will be some automated posts sprinkled here and there and I might have access to internet, but I intend to be back with some wonderful pics to share in two weeks flat if, for some reason, I don’t happen to disappear.

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