I’ve been meaning to share J’s nursery for quite a while now, but for some reason (and I think a little baby might have had something to do with it), it took me way too long to finally get around to photographing it! As I mentioned before, I was particularly inspired by modern southwestern style … Continue Reading

1. Fox Sweatshirt 2. Fox Hat and Mittens 3. Double-Breasted Cardigan 4. Navy Pants 5. Flannel Sneakers 6. Animal Socks 7. Anchor Teething Rattle 8. Magnetic Fastener Footie 9. Whale Lovie 10. Fox Cozy Zip-Up Spending quality time at home with my little guy has me laser-focused on baby clothes shopping. Seriously, can we agree … Continue Reading

werk it a weekend in Steamboat Springs dinner at Topper’s lbd ftw blue moon bébé bump blue ribbon baby shower best world on a string hot to trot final countdown pumps and a bump Pregnancy is a strange time in that, in some ways, it feels like an eternity, but in others, time seems to … Continue Reading

Pardon the temporary disappearance. We’ve had a busy week! Last Tuesday, I went into labor 5 days before my anticipated due date, which was both exciting and scary. Everything went as well as we could have hoped and we’re thrilled to have a happy and healthy baby boy. Needless to say, we’ve spent the past … Continue Reading