Sunday was such an amazing mix of laziness and business. Brunch was an all-day affair, broken up by a trip to the Georgetown Flea Market and visits from friends. It’s been unseasonably cold, but at least it was sunny. These mesh leggings are perfect for warm weather layering, because they’re sheer enough that I can … Continue Reading

I’ve been biding my time for it to get cold enough to wear these leggings outdoors. They’re pretty amazing, like having a sweater for your bottom half.  Somehow managed to channel Washington Crossing the Delaware with these photos…  Just get me a 3-cornered hat and I’m set.  Guess who needs a haircut?  This girl. Accessory … Continue Reading

This is my rainy day, lounging outfit.  I’m in love with this incredible sweater/robe hybrid thing.  Kind of feel like it needs to be accessorized with a dry martini and a cigarette holder. I’ve been tagged by la flore et la faune, Annie Spandex, and nearly stylish to answer these questions.  I like this tag … Continue Reading

For whatever reason, most of my SLR photos were pretty blurry, but my friend’s point-and-shoot photos turned out fabulously, so with the exception of the first photo, she gets the credit for all these. Our seats were amazingly close and we danced our faces off, as you might expect.  A few more pics here. Forever … Continue Reading