This is my rainy day, lounging outfit.  I’m in love with this incredible sweater/robe hybrid thing.  Kind of feel like it needs to be accessorized with a dry martini and a cigarette holder. I’ve been tagged by la flore et la faune, Annie Spandex, and nearly stylish to answer these questions.  I like this tag … Continue Reading

For whatever reason, most of my SLR photos were pretty blurry, but my friend’s point-and-shoot photos turned out fabulously, so with the exception of the first photo, she gets the credit for all these. Our seats were amazingly close and we danced our faces off, as you might expect.  A few more pics here. Forever … Continue Reading

First, Dream Sequins had a great idea to kick off Fashion Week and Fall clothing coming into stores with my and other lovely fashion bloggers’ favorite Fall trends. Thursday was Wii Golf night and this is what I wore. No matter how hard I try, I’m still not very good at that game. As for … Continue Reading

Just got back from a wonderfully relaxing weekend in the country and I’m looking forward to staying in one place for a few weeks. Highlights of my weekend included: -pasta salad-enjoying an outdoor concert in a beautiful setting-impromptu dance parties with the girls-delicious turkey and croissant sandwiches from an ever-so-slightly overpriced market Lately, I’ve been … Continue Reading