There’s something about the outfit I wore to work yesterday that looks familiar, I can’t quite put my finger on it… Image Source Oh yeah, Mary Tyler Moore, that’s what it reminds me of.

I love Navajo rugs – angular, sharp contrasting colors, modernist – right up my alley. I’ve been noticing all of these elements in outerwear this season. The great thing about them is, because they combine mostly basic staple colors (black, white, red, gray, etc.), they go with practically any color. Exhibit A: Image Source 1, … Continue Reading

Considering we had not one, but two driven women in this election, I thought I would do a post on femmes fatales. If you think about it, they’re often the most sexy and fashionable. My favs below. Who: Vivian Sternwood From: The Big Sleep Likes: drinking at noon, singing at parties, roulette Dislikes: blackmail Wears: … Continue Reading

Topshop is now offering this, a pretty close replica of Diane’s dress. I’m just sayin’…