I love Navajo rugs – angular, sharp contrasting colors, modernist – right up my alley. I’ve been noticing all of these elements in outerwear this season. The great thing about them is, because they combine mostly basic staple colors (black, white, red, gray, etc.), they go with practically any color.

Exhibit A:

Voila, the inspiration. Ok, this one might be a little less-than-realistic price-wise (Ralph Lauren Collection), but it is nice to look at.
Exhibit B:

I have been in love with this coat since the moment I set eyes on it. Maybe one day the sale fairy will grant my wish…

Exhibit C:

This coat is interesting, but not ridiculously blanket-y, so you’ll still be able to wear it next year. I’m a big fan of the interesting tie, as well.

Exhibit D:

Oh, but if I had the money for this beauteous creation! Perhaps it’s a little over-the-top, but that’s what makes it interesting, no?

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