Strasbourg, France

A quick bonjour from Strasbourg! I was hoping to share more photos, but unfortunately the internet connection would not abide. Anyhoo, I’ve been enjoying hearing about your German family connections and fun facts so please keep them coming! I love seeing this part of Europe in the wintertime!

Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Mango Jacket
thrifted sweater
H&M jeans
Converse chucks
Sophie Hulme bag

PS More stuff in real time on my instagram!



Wow, those buildings in the background are gorgeous! Don't get that here on the east coast


Happy new year, my dear!


Happy new year E! Hope you're having an amazing trip! xx


What a lovely travel look E ^^ I have never been to Strasburgh, but will do my very best to visit the city this year. After all, it isn't that far away. I hope you have / had a safe flight back home! xo

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