This was a very entertaining poem, written by Elinor Lipman that I found via because, let’s be honest, it is all about the clothes.

Michelle, As Well
by Elinor Lipman

I write this poem on matters slight
By which I mean, Inaugural Night.

My shallow values hence exposed,
But someone’s got to mention clothes.

I’ll take you back as I digress
To Iowa and that black dress.

A silver belt around her waist
Opponent’s pantsuits in disgrace.

I viewed her garb and then I knew
She won’t wear suits in royal blue.

Man-tailored jackets grow on trees,
And no more rhinestone flag pins, please.

She won’t-nor will her dazzling girls-
Be seen in Barbara’s two-strand pearls.

I love her plastic boutonnieres
We won’t see Reagan-red for years.

The purple sleeveless dress: bravado
That V-neck teal in Colorado?

The fierce print at Invesco Field?
A Denver high, her shoes low-heeled.

The black and white seen on The View?
Back-ordered till the year is new.

Still, anchor people have to dwell
More on McCain than on Michelle.

But we who live by Project Runway
Crave panache inside the Beltway.

Support the arts (couture is one!)
A modern Jackie will be fun.

Michelle, our belle, icon long-sought
A ticket back to Camelot.

And better still, her strengths are mental,
The Best Dressed list is accidental.

Come January, let us pray
We hail Inauguration Day.

A snowy night, D.C. ablaze
The end of fashion’s long malaise.

Her man, their waltz, a splendid gown
A masterpiece lights up the town.

Chiffon or silk in black or white,
Barack in tails…oh what a sight!

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