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I’m not a beach person, which you might have noticed from my Casper-like pallor. However, I did truly enjoy sailing around the Windward Islands (hard, I know). I’m not going to go ramble on and on about it. I will just say, if you are ever interested in seeing some islands, but don’t want to be crammed like a sardine in a big boat, I would definitely recommend Star Clipper Cruises (especially if you enjoy sailing). Our trip visited St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, St. Kitts, Ile-des-Saintes, Martinique, and Barbados and I feel like I came away with a sense of what each island had to offer. Anyway, I’ll have to break my photos up into a few posts, but I’ll start with these…

St. Lucia
St. Lucia

on the boat in Antigua

Royal Clipper
the ship, anchored in Antigua

Gap shirt, vintage pants, Marc Jacobs shoes

You can view more pics of my trip here (I’ll keep adding to this as I get more pics from my fam).



Wow. Beautiful photos!

And thank you for the comment you left me. It’s not me wearing that dress though, it’s Olivia Palermo. It’s just my head on top of her body (I know this sounds pretty weird – but just read my blog. It’s all explained on there). I think the dress might be DVF though, since Olivia works at the public relations department of the company.


That boat is divine! Hope you had a fantastic break 🙂


oops! I’m totally not up on my “The City” episodes (at all).

And the boat was really beautiful. Thank you!

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