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Good God is it cold outside! Since I couldn’t let anything stand between me and Keno Thursday, I busted out my “cold weather coat.” I got this coat when I lived in Paris and it’s ridiculously warm. I was kind of obsessed with finding a shearling coat at the time, but good ones are usually super-expensive. Luckily, I found this one at a great vintage store (I’m pretty sure) near Rue St-Denis. Anyway, it’s a little roomier than my other coats but I can fit more layers under it this way.

Picture 687

coat detail
I love the rope buttons on this thing – they don’t make them like this anymore.

vintage coat, Mango jeans, Laredo cowboy boots



amazing coat!


wwow that coat!

youre right, people dont make things like they used to


even with that hideous coat you may have me beat after eight shots. you tell me


you look stunning!! in this coat..its a beautiful blend with your hair color, coat color and more of style the beautiful CHEER!!..I like you in this outfit.

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wow- looks very russian!
a great find…


this is quite the coat =)


Your coat is amazing!!

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