The lovely and eloquent princesspolitico tagged me for a fun post I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The rules are: 1) open your first photo folder 2) scroll down to the 10th photo 3) post the photo and a brief story behind it. I’m 90% sure this photo is from Chantilly (outside Paris), … Continue Reading

Currently listening to Choctaw Bingo (by James McMurtry) Good God is it cold outside! Since I couldn’t let anything stand between me and Keno Thursday, I busted out my “cold weather coat.” I got this coat when I lived in Paris and it’s ridiculously warm. I was kind of obsessed with finding a shearling coat … Continue Reading

I love love love this band and it doesn’t hurt that the lead singer, Julie Budet, is always fun to look at. Her style has a lot of color and a lot of humor in it, which of course I appreciate. There are often times when I find I allign myself heavily with her style … Continue Reading

I have a wonderful box from 100drine that I bought in Paris. In searching on the internet for more things from 100drine, I came across a marvelous site called Iddko, which has all kinds of whimsical European gifts. I list below my favorites: 100drine Naughty Box… Russian Dolls sconce…Paris Skyline bulletin board… Hummingbird picture tray