I feel like Page Six must be staking out snitches in DC in preparation for the Inauguration because they had quite a few DC-related posts today.

Secret Soiree
January 8, 2009 —
OPRAH isn’t shy about her love for
Barack Obama, but she’s trying to keep secret the party she’s throwing in honor of his inauguration. An insider told us: “Oprah is planning a lavish bash at TenPenh,” a swanky Asian-fusion restaurant in DC. “She’s being extremely secretive about it,” said our source. “But there will definitely be a ton of A-listers there.” She will also be hosting her show from Washington next week. A rep for Oprah insisted, “She is not having a party.”

and this one was just laughable…

Nobody Cares
January 8, 2009 —
SOMEBODY should tell Taylor Momsen that even though “
Gossip Girl” gets a ton of publicity, the show’s viewing audience is a scant 2.5 million. A spy saw the teen starlet at Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge, an eatery in Rockville, Md., close to where her family lives. “She was having dinner with her dad,” said the source, “and a lot of people were there, but nobody recog nized her.” Even so, when she got up to leave, our snitch snickered, “Taylor made a huge scene covering her face and trying to duck behind her dad . . . even though nobody in the restaurant seemed to notice her.”

Clydes in Rockville, Taylor? Really? It’s a given that the majority clientelle over the age of 40 will not recognize you. Try “casually strolling around Georgetown” next time.

Two-Week Warning
January 8, 2009 —
GEORGE W. Bush is about to destroy a cherished tradition at ’21.’ “We’ve hosted every sitting president since FDR, but GWB hasn’t been here in his eight years,” a source at famed eatery told us. “Everybody around him – Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Barbara and Jenna, Karl Rove, Condi Rice and George H.W. and
Barbara Bush – has made it.” Dubya did eat at ’21’ when he was governor of Texas, but that doesn’t count. “There’s less than two weeks left, but we’re still hoping,” our insider said. “He doesn’t even need to eat. He can just say hi to our doormen Pedro and Shaker or our men’s room guy, The Rev., and we’ll count it.”

Newsflash to 21: W who? Does anyone care? MOVIE STARS ARE COMING TO DC FOR OBAMA-RAMA!

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