Sunday Drive by Luke Smalley (via Art MOCO) – This photo exhibition depicts a trio of girls getting ready for a special date with their boyfriends, but this story has an unexpected twist, so I recommend you check out the link with the other photos to see where these girls are headed. Andre Leon Talley … Continue Reading

Just got this email from Ek: Filming a “stunt” on 18th and Columbia. As far as I can tell the “stunt” is Paul Rudd running into traffic crossing the street from Wachovia to Adams Mill Bar & Grill. I do that “stunt” on a regular basis except there isn’t a production team making sure the … Continue Reading

Alek Wek. Hands down. No debate. and close seconds… Shalom Harlow Dasha Zhukova Also, I was kind of surprised by some of the risk-takers this year. What did you guys think?

Image Source Perez says Marc Jacobs and fiance, Lorenzo Martone, are thinking about adopting a baby girl. That is going to be one well-dressed little girl. Seriously guys, I might be a little older than what you’re looking for, but I have a lot of love to give!