Well we have been here for about a day now and I’m having a wonderful time playing with my adorable, frighteningly smart nephew and eating as much New Mexican food and homemade candy as I can stand. It’s a little colder than expected, so I’m glad I brought lots of layers. Dressing for New Mexico weather is always a little tricky because it’s often warm during the day, but very cold at night. This year, I rebelled and didn’t bring my cowboy boots, which has made dressing New Mexico-appropriate challenging. One must always wear boots, because a.) snakes and scorpions live here and b.) snakes and scorpions live here. Also, at this very moment, I am the only person in the entire state of New Mexico who is not wearing denim. I’m, like, so hardcore.




the peanut gallery…



can’t beat those beautiful Southwest sunsets

J. Crew vest, Canterbury of New Zealand shirt, Jonathan Saunders for Target pants, Kors boots, Raybans



Goodness! Those colours are just beautiful 🙂


Can they be my peanut gallery?

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