Anyone that knows me well knows that I have an unhealthy addiction to reading Radar. It has been brought to my attention that Radar will soon be shutting down (again, after an all-too-brief tease). Judging by the new content on their website, they’ve already gotten rid of most of their good writers. I wonder what Anna Marie Cox will do now?

In memoriam, I list my favorite Radar articles below. Farewell brave soldier, we hardly knew ye. A world without you is a world without sunshine.

27 Ways to Succeed in Politics
Blair Waldorf’s British Invasion
Con Artist Does to Republican Delegate What Republicans Have Done to Country
Getting into Fashion Week: the Disguise
Serena Is Assimilated
Jennifer Anniston, You Must Chill
Joe Biden’s Failed Attempt to Dislodge Bratty Son from Lobbying Biz
Modeling 101: Hack Posin’
Pirates: “You Only Die Once!”
The Palins Do People
The Duchovny-Leoni-Thornton Triangle or, the End of the Internet
Bring Me the Head of Spencer Pratt
The PUMAs Are Stirring
The Single Most Important Convention Tidbit
We Were Her Love, She Was Our Queen
Why McCain Called Obama “That One”

Ok, I guess I meant “favorite Radar articles from the last two months,” which is as far back as my Google reader/attention span for this post goes.

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