Wednesday, May 1, 2013

dissolved girl

Massive Attack top and white jeans

Massive Attack top and white jeans

Elizabeth Cole earrings and Massive Attack top

I've always been a fan of band t-shirts, but when I saw this baby pop up on Topshop, no clear thoughts crossed through my head, just compulsive click right into the shopping cart. One of my favorite bands. Hands down, my favorite concert of all time. 2003 in myself. And it was incredible. Believe it or not, I even still have a few pictures of it lying around on my hard drive...

Massive Attack, Paris 2003

Massive Attack 2003

Oh and one of my favorite videos of all time...

Elizabeth Cole earrings
Topshop Massive Attack top (sold out, but same cut here)
vintage belt
Lee Angel cuff (similar here)
ASOS rings (close match here)
Ray-Ban wayfarers
Mango jeans
Givenchy boots (similar version here)
Topshop clutch


  1. that is a fabulous tee, and an awesome band. sounds like you got to see a really great show... jealous!
    I think teardrop will always be my very most favorite.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. this is so great girl! you are so cool. I've always wanted to go to a concert by myself. I feel like that's the ultimate confidant girl.

  3. I have actually never heard of that band, but woohoo for finding an awesome tee for it!
    Sadly they don't really make tees anymore for what i want, and good vintage ones are hard to find, ha ha....

  4. Aw I don't know that I'm familiar with that band, but I also LOVE band tees! This is a great one offset with the crisp white pants and edgy booties!

  5. MASSIVE ATTACK! i have several of their cds. they were (are?) fab. not sure if they are still performing/recording?

  6. I love this look on you! You are usually so cute & girly but I love that you total own the rocker look as well. Beautiful!!


  7. Fab T! Awesome band.. I really love the tracks with Tracy Thorn of Everything but the Girl

  8. Band tee and white jeans--so fresh.

  9. ob-SESSED with this outfit E! :) You look so great! xoxo

  10. No surprise that I adore this outfit. E, yet again you knock it out of the park!!!

  11. Very cool, lady. Gorgeous earrings.