I will always love the over-the-top tackiness of this leopard print robe thing.  If I were a pop star (or superhero, for that matter), I would make my costume out of this fabric. I loved reading your comments and thoughts on “the great clog” debate – we seem so evenly divided!  To each his or … Continue Reading

Ugggh, does anyone else hate that stupid expression as much as I do?!  If I see it on one more women’s magazine, I’m going to scream.  I like the idea of bettering oneself as much as the next girl, but “new me?”  Did the “old me” really suck that badly?  I really wish the object … Continue Reading

You never know how versatile a piece of clothing can be until you get a chance to play around with it. I never would have thought of this zipper top as essential, but it’s safe to say that now I firmly believe it is. I’m enamored with the scuba-like quality of the zipper and the … Continue Reading

Like most of the fashion universe right now, I’ve been inspired by Givenchy’s Fall Couture show (and pretty much everything else Ricardo Tisci churns out as of late), so when I saw this Complex Geometries piece in the Weardrobe Closet, I knew I had to try it with lace-up boots. It also prompted me to … Continue Reading