I could not be more excited for tomato season’s return #becausegazpacho! Over the years, I’ve tried my fair share of gazpacho recipes and love that there’s a seemingly endless variety of combinations and colors (I can’t wait to try this yellow tomato and corn one!). Here are 3 of my favorite gazpacho recipes from past … Continue Reading

Oh slow cooker, you are some kind of magical. And Southern Living, you are the pixie dust that goes with it. We’ve become quite fond of this tostada recipe we adapted from the Southern Living Big Book of Slow Cooking. Not only is it ridiculously easy to prepare, but we usually have enough leftovers for … Continue Reading

Since my mornings have become more chaotic with getting myself and my little one ready for the day, I’ve started to rely heavily on smoothies to have a quick and healthy breakfast to get me going. This simple green smoothie is packed with good stuff (iron, vitamin C, and omega-3s) to boost your immune system … Continue Reading

It’s funny how any inkling of food snobbery goes right out the window as soon as you have a child. Now if a recipe gets food on the table fast and still tastes delicious, far be it for me to judge if some of the ingredients came from a can. We’ve become heavily reliant on … Continue Reading