I appreciate cool weather, but this is starting to get ridiculous. I should not be wearing pants and a jacket in May and still feeling chilly. The only upside is it provided a nice excuse to bust out this ridiculously preppy old school Ralph Lauren jacket I’ve been storing for a while. It feels so … Continue Reading

I’m such a fan of two-tone footwear, it’s not even funny. Danielle from Solestruck sent me these awesome shoes and they inspired me to dress all Blair-Waldorf-like. Interestingly enough, more than one of my male friends complemented me on them – no idea what that means, but it thought I’d share anyway. Reiss blazer American … Continue Reading

We got together for R.’s bday on Saturday at the delicious Domku. More importantly, our friend A. was sporting these incredible shoes, which I must steal immediately.

Currently listening to Chick Habit (April March) Friday night was poker night. Sadly my game deteriorates as my consumption of alcohol increases so I did not rake in the big bucks. Fun nonetheless, though. I haven’t broken out the lame leggings in a while and I thought it might be fun to pair them with … Continue Reading