I love Fall.  The leaves are gorgeous this year and it’s making me excited for Halloween.  I rode the elevator today with a man carrying an extremely accurate Poppin’ Fresh jack ‘o lantern.  Had the hat and everything.  Not sure what the story was there, but the guy looked super serious for someone carrying a … Continue Reading

Had Wine Club on Saturday so this was my outfit. I like to dress festively for the occasion. A few thank you’s I am very behind on, too… Thank you Elizabeth Marie for telling me about the wonders of extensions. Thank you GingerSnap for the Honest Scrap award. And both San Francisco Stylephile and Tasha … Continue Reading

So this is something you’ll rarely see… a work outfit. Yes, I do not usually bore you with my mundane corporate uniforms, but I thought this one warranted a photo or two (mainly for the shoes’ sake). A couple of you inquired if the Margiela shoes in my last post were comfortable. It’s funny you … Continue Reading

I’m pretty obsessed with my new Topshop blazer and intend to wear it constantly for the rest of the summer. My favorite thing about it is its muted navy color – kind of adds subtlety to the sequins. A few other business items: Check out StyleCaster, a new fashion networking site I’ve recently gotten into. … Continue Reading