Tell me how did this totally Wang-errific sweater end up at the thrift store? Well I can sort of picture the donator’s inner dialogue going like this: “What the Hell was I thinking when I bought this crazy thing? Where am I ever going to wear this?” Enter: me. “HOLY CRAP! This thing is awesome! … Continue Reading

I’m not really sure how this outfit came together, but I’m fond of the odd British vibe about it. Kind of like a cross-dressing Sherlock Holmes. I’ve been wanting to style this lovely skirt by Megan Nielsen again, but for whatever reason, I had it in my mind that only lace-up black boots would do. … Continue Reading

It’s the final piece of the puzzle! Sorry it took so long to post the whole thing. If you switch the jeans for the skirt, this is what I wore to a recent conference, but, to tell you the truth, I kind of hate suits. I think it’s some sort of deep-seated Ann Taylor/J. Crew/interview-related … Continue Reading

I was lucky enough to attend the Marriage of Figaro at the Kennedy Center last week. I have to say I’m always partial to the comedies and you really can’t go wrong with Mozart. I was quite impressed by the cast, too. This dress has been one of my weekday cocktail hour/wedding/cultural event staple dresses … Continue Reading