I often get inspired sartorially by films, especially by ones with femme fatales. I think when you dress like a certain character, it inspires you to act a little differently than you might otherwise. I think almost every girl has had that pair of shoes or that dress that has made her feel a little … Continue Reading

Only TWO DAYS until Lady Gaga!!! omigodomigodomigodomigod! Since my friends and I are thinking very long and hard about what we will be wearing to said historic event, I thought I would do some “What Would Lady Gaga Wear?” fantasy outfits. Here goes. Yves Saint Laurent blazer, Dolce & Gabanna corset, Jil Sander shoe boot, … Continue Reading

This is my first crack at this thing… Something tells me it’s going to become a problem… A Cold Day in the City of Lights by districtofchic

Image AMC.comI’m an avid viewer of Mad Men and one of my favorite characters is Betty Draper. I think she’s the most enigmatic character on the show (if such a thing is possible) and I love that she’s an “ice queen” blonde, not a “pop tart” blonde. I’m also particularly drawn to her wardrobe – … Continue Reading