On a pointlessly cold day like today, it’s nice to remember a more charming winter day spent at Melk Abbey almost a month ago. As you can see, the baroque exterior and interior are pretty remarkable, but in my opinion, one of the most noteworthy rooms was the library (unfortunately unphotographable for obvious reasons, but … Continue Reading

If I could pick one word to describe Vienna, it would be opulent. I can see why Paris and Vienna are often compared. Both very elegant, and of course, romantic, but at the same time very different. And it’s for this reason I wish I could have stayed in Vienna a little longer to make … Continue Reading

Hungarian Parliament on the banks of the Danube in Budapest. I’m back and refreshed from our lovely trip along the Danube! I always have great intentions of blogging more on vacation, but I often find it doesn’t feel like a vacation unless I’m fully “unplugged” (instagram aside, of course). I have lots of pretty pictures … Continue Reading

My family took a Viking River Cruise on the Rhine last year and we enjoyed it so much we decided to do the Danube this year! The posts while I’m here might be a little short, as I want to have enough time (and internet connection) to share everything with you, but I promise there’s … Continue Reading