Sunday was such an amazing mix of laziness and business. Brunch was an all-day affair, broken up by a trip to the Georgetown Flea Market and visits from friends. It’s been unseasonably cold, but at least it was sunny. These mesh leggings are perfect for warm weather layering, because they’re sheer enough that I can … Continue Reading

I was lucky enough to attend the Marriage of Figaro at the Kennedy Center last week. I have to say I’m always partial to the comedies and you really can’t go wrong with Mozart. I was quite impressed by the cast, too. This dress has been one of my weekday cocktail hour/wedding/cultural event staple dresses … Continue Reading

Yesterday I got a little thrill when I received an email from Martine at American Apparel that one of my looks was featured on their Slim Slack page (I’m down in the bottom right-hand corner :-).  It’s an honor to be featured by such an iconic brand. I was tagged by the lovely katie d … Continue Reading

Ugggh, looking at these pictures reminds me how nice the weather was on Friday!  I couldn’t contemplate anything but summer ensembles when it was so warm outside…and now we’re back to this crap.  I can’t remember if I’ve posted these jeans on the blog before, but they were the result of an experiment with bleach … Continue Reading