I’m a little embarrassed to say that this article originally put Elena Perminova on my radar, but I quickly realized she was that girl that often dominates my pinterest during fashion week. Oh yes, everything she wears is enviable. But in all fairness, her lifestyle is so out of the realm of possibility that it’s hard to be authentically jealous of her, just quietly stalk her instagram the way that one might follow NatGeo’s – completely unrealistic, but so easy on the eyes.  (Did I mention she has 3 kids? Yup.)

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Yeah, sometimes I wonder, where do you go wearing a sheer polka dot maxi dress, or a wildly printed three piece matching set, other than a fashion show. Still. Fun to look.
Chic on the Cheap


She is one of the greatest nowadays!! I love her style . Beautiful post of inspiration. Kisses:)


Those flat, strappy shoes in the 11th photo are gorgeous. Any idea who makes them?

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