Maison Ela Stone Jewelry

  Top row, l-r: Editha Graduated Chain Earrings, Leopard Head Necklace, Pyramid Spike Earrings, Frange Chain Fringe Ear Cuff
  Second row: Serpent Ring, Dentelle Lace Filigree Ring, Serpent Oval Stone Ring, Alexander Chain and Plate Ring
  Third row: Lion Necklace, Leo Lion Head Necklace
  Bottom row: Bonnie Grids Cuff, Davy Pyramid Cuff, Talla Five Stone Cuff

Of course I needed to do a little “investigative shopping” in Paris to check out all the cool brands I’d been missing and probably needed in my life. One of the shops I was particularly excited about was Ela Stone. I scoped out the window of their adorable boutique in Saint-Germain-des-Prés while it was closed for a lunch break and knew I would need to come back for closer inspection. Thankfully real-life quality lived up to the already high bar my window oggling had set. The elegant, yet tough designs are as beautifully well-made as they look and I suspect they would add a sense of power to just about any ensemble. I picked up this sweet little lady and hope to add a few friends in the not-too-distant future.



Gorgeous picks! I think I like the leopard necklace the best.

Style by Joules


wow!!! stunning, incredible!! 😀

Animated Confessions


these pieces are really stunning, and the bracelet you chose is the perfect souvenir from Paris, as I'm certain you will want to wear it forever.


The Leopard head necklace really caught my eye. Wow.
Such lovely pieces !!

~ Lu


That head necklace is so cool.
Love it.


wow!!! amazing pieces!!

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