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Don’t you love when pretty packaging and good quality align? With nail polishes, I feel like it’s the exception, not the rule. It’s always a bummer when a cute-looking nail polish ropes you in only to deliver disappointment upon application. Thankfully this was not the case with Canadian brand Trust Fund Beauty. They sent me a few of their nail polishes to try (the fact that their products are non-toxic and “5 Free” initially piqued my interest) and I was very pleased with all of them. The colors are highly-pigmented and long-wearing – I only applied two coats (no clear top coat) to my toes two weeks ago and they’re still going strong. And with saucy names like, ‘Bitch, Please!’ and ‘Jail Bait,’ I’m sold on the brand as a whole.



Ooh, those sound great! I love that packaging! And the color you showed is beautiful! Looks like the perfect Summer color


canadian brand!?! how come i've never heard of this before!! must check it out!!

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