When it comes to decorating our newly finished basement, I’ve been leaning more towards quirky patterns and brighter colors than in the rest of our home. The inspiration I’ve been drawing from is more playful and not at all unlike some of my favorite fashion styling concepts.

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Can't wait to see pics of what you end up doing!


loving all the pattern!! truly a great source of inspo!

Animated Confessions


girl, i absolutely love it. i spent a few decades shying away from print, but now i can't get enough of it. beautiful prints make all the difference in the world. nothing wrong with solids, mind you, but prints CERTAINLY bring a lot of good things to the table!

p.s. my grandma was a quilter, and she was so good at mixing and matching prints and textiles in her home. she loved rugs, too, and layered everything like crazy. it all worked. i WISH i had pictures of her living room to show. it was so great. SO GREAT!

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