Hermès stuffed horse

Hermès riding crops and scarves

Hermès bangles



Tiffany's Jazz Age Collection

Chef Geoff's

The fine folks at Tysons Fairfax Square invited a few of us lucky bloggers to an intimate luncheon at Chef Geoff’s. I actually have a bit of personal history with this shopping center. I used to go to the movie theater that was here when I was a kid (saw both Titanic and The Big Lebowski here, oh yes). All of my much-loved Hermès bangles were picked out here on highly-anticipated shopping trips with my mom and grandmother. Also where many a B and dad tie were chosen for various celebratory occasions. Oh, and the Tiffany’s here was where I accidentally tried on a heartbreakingly beautiful engagement ring that just so happened to be set with an eye-poppingly expensive extremely rare blue diamond. The salespeople were so polite when they took me into the super secure jewelry trying-on room that I’m sure is generally reserved for sultans and Richard Branson, but I was all too happy to very carefully hand it back to them when I heard the upper six figure price tag. This time I ogled Gatsby-themed pearl necklaces and onyx rings. I’m a huge Deco fan so Jazz-Age Glamour is kind of my dream jewelry collection. And now, with Chef Geoff’s recently opening (B and I went on our first date at the original one on New Mexico), I think we can neatly round out this trip down memory lane. Looking forward to many more trips in the future :-).



Oh wow, so many gorgeous pieces! And I love that you have so many memories attached to the place 🙂
(I want that horsey)


Such cool photos!

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