It’s no secret I love food, so I was admittedly intrigued when I was recently invited to try scratchDC, a service that delivers fresh, pre-measured and marinated ingredients along with easy-to-follow instructions for a homemade meal for two. B and I know how to cook, but what perked our ears was the fact that the ingredients are organic and locally-sourced. It also gave us the opportunity to try cooking something we normally wouldn’t without the headache of having to go out and find a bunch of exotic ingredients that we might not use again. B and I don’t do a lot of Asian cooking so we tried the Shanghai Noodles with Ginger Soy Marinated Chicken, Nappa Cabbage and Spring Onion.

They’ve really broken it down into very manageable steps (easy enough that a child and/or frat boy could do it). And even though we do know how to cook, it’s kind of nice to have things simplified so we can still cook a nice meal on nights when we both get home late from work and might otherwise just eat a frozen pizza or Trader Joe’s dumplings.

Don’t let the small portion fool you. There were tons of leftovers.

Another plus? District of Chic readers get 15% through the end of March – just use promo code DistrictOfChic!

PS The cookies are pretty damn good, too!

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Woah the concept of food delivery like that just blew my mind! So neat!

The Occasional Indulgence


Yum! I've been wanting to try this! it sounds awesome!


I think this would be a good delivery alternative for people with dietary restrictions that can't eat out. My partner is on a very restrictive diet and I don't think there's a single restaurant in DC that could easily accommodate it. On the days I don't feel like cooking I could order one of these packages and just leave out the ingredients she can't eat (or make substitutions from our pantry).


I can almost smell how delicious this is in that third pic!!!


I've seen this on several local blogs now and am intrigued. It always looks delicious. Price/value wise–it it a once in a while thing or worth doing regularly?


this is pretty cool
and the dinner does look delish!!!



@larueneuve It's around $25-30 and you can count on having leftovers, so I could see doing it once a week, depending on how often you cook. It's certainly cheaper (and easier) than Whole Foods!


I keep hearing about Scratch, and how great it is…I do love to cook, but this seems so fun. I need to try it soon!

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