Well we’re back from an action-packed weekend in NYC and I sat down and forced myself to sort through the rest of the Obama Gras pictures so I can finally get myself up to speed. It was fun last weekend to wander around and be a tourist in my own city. There was (and still is) tons of Obama paraphernalia all over the place so we felt the need to document some of the particularly ridiculous ones. You can see all of my Inauguration Weekend pics here, too.

Magruder's Presidential Welcoming Committee
Magruder’s Presidential Welcoming Committee

4 Ps Inauguration Headquarters
4 Ps Inauguration Headquarters (they weren’t kidding either, it was packed)

Nice Try California Tortilla
Ironically, 1 free taco is more food than one would normally receive at most inaugural balls.

Obama Water
no inaugural celebration would be complete without Obama Water

Tail End of Presidential Motorcade
we caught the tail end of the Presidential Motorcade leaving McLean the day before the Inauguration (it had motorcycles, which differentiates it from the VP motorcade)

Picture 076

Playing Tourist
Inauguration Day is the best day to visit the National Zoo, fyi.

stolen hat from B., Forever 21 dress, Marc New York coat, DKNY boots

PS I’m thrilled to have finally ended my search for a Burberry Prorsum-ish hat, which I actually stole from B.’s wardrobe. I love this hat!

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