Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Critter Boil

Friends A and S joined me at a friendly neighborhood crawfish boil this weekend...

sweet sunglasses
I want to steal these Missoni sunglasses right off A's cute little face.

side view
Side view of S's outfit. I'm pretty obsessed with the shoes.

I am Cornholio!!

Crawfish poses
S and A's crawfish poses.

boil buddies
Dinner is served.

Roof Hack Posin'
My hack posin' under A's great tutelage.

A Portrait
A shows us how it's done.

S's awesome shoes
Want them.

One last shot of the boots before they retire for a bit - I'm in danger of OD-ing.

S is wearing: Report shoes, DKNY top, Express jeans, Melie Bianco bag, NY&Co necklace, Chanel sunglasses
A is wearing: Missoni sunglasses, Mango top, belt stolen from my closet
I am wearing: necklace I found at a boutique in Nantucket, Cherry Tee Tank top, Forever 21 vest, Abercrombie jean shorts, Urban Outfitters boots


  1. I am pretty sure I want A's whole outfit, love her look! And your boots are awwwesome!

  2. aww your friend A has really cute hair! makes me miss having pixie hair and I'm still loving your boots!

  3. Oh my gosh...I wanna hang out with you guys! Perfect hair and perfect style and I've never had a seafood boil! UGH! :)
    Love the boots ohhh my gawd. XO

  4. HAHAHA, Cornholio!

    Great post! I'm in love with all of the outfits, your boots, and those graffiti "love" shoes. :)

  5. Ur outfit is perfect as always and I totally love that first Missoni sunglasses!


  6. ohhhh those shoes... they are to die for!!!

  7. OMG. Must. Have. Shoes. And how cute is your pixie friend with the sunglasses??

  8. I can imagine it'll be pretty hard to put away those fantastic boots! And your friend A's sunglasses are extremely cute...

  9. The tree of your looked great~
    Love your shoes<3

  10. you all look amazing!!!!

    I think that I am now obsessed with A's hair and glasses!

  11. Those shoes are hot hot hot. And ahhhhhhhhhh I miss D.C.!

  12. PS - i LOVE that picture of the Beavis shrimp. Also, i added you to my bloglist :)

  13. When you are done, can I have your shoes? :o)