Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fictional Creature on the Loose

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On Sunday, R and I braved the oppressive heat in the name of art...sort of. I really just lent her my neck so she could photograph some of her amazing enamel pieces. And I figured while she was at it, she could take some pics of me acting like a crazed wood nymph/sprite/faerie (not to be confused with fairie) romping around Rock Creek Park. I present the insanity...



Fictional Creature on the Loose




Anways, thanks to R for taking these beautiful photos.

Forever 21 tank
AA bandeau
Abercrombie cut-offs
Urban Outfitters boots


*** said...

Those boots are STUNNING, they really make the outfit. You look lovely.

Eden said...

hello gorgeous,

you're looking like youre having a good day!and who wouldnt-- thats a REALLY cool outfit. and those boots-- seriously some of the coolest i have ever seen. like ever. you pull it off so well!



Eeli said...

Awww you seem like such a fun girl! lol.

Its crazy about Agy no? I had no idea too! lol Well... i did but didn't know she'd released anything! haha

Keep up with your sprite and fairy wayss doll!


Anna said...

Beautiful photos, love your boots!

yiqin; said...

I get what you mean! It has been SO hot lagtely!!! I almost dont even want to go out & take photos!

HiFashion said...

Gorgeous pics. Looks like you had a great time taking them. And your shoes are amazing.

janettaylor said...

Coool boots! I want the same pieces! *blush*...*sigh*


Shin said...

I love that color of your tank! Such fierce boots too! Love your poses! xxoxo

La Couturier said...

I love your tank - the cut, the color - it's perfect!

I'll work on a what to wear post for tall girls like yourself =] But you will need to wait on that since I have more than a few questions lined up to answer!

La C.

Joelyne said...

what an awesome outfit! i love the gladiators!!! and the top!

thank you for your lovely comment on my sketches =)

i look forward to reading your future posts!


sarah said...

why thank you! kind of genius YOUR BOOTS!

Olive the Brave said...

you're so cute! these pictures are adorable :]
i wish i was fairy... :P

Kayla Linzy said...

You is adorable. 'Nuff said.

phamzy said...

i want to steal those boots!


Hanako66 said...

you are adorable....thanks for sharing!

Nicolette said...

Cute hair!

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