Friday, March 20, 2009

Daphne Guinness, You're My Hero

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DESCRIBE WHAT YOU'RE WEARING: It's a dress by Gareth Pugh from his second catwalk collection. He's multi-faceted and the most interesting dress designer to come out of the UK for a while. The platform shoes are made to my own design. The gloves are also by Pugh, with rings from a jeweller in LA - I have a thing about armour. The earrings are 1920s.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST TREASURED ITEM?: A very beautiful Balenciaga coat in cherry red duchesse satin with pink interior. I really love my bits and piece of Chanel, a gold sequin coat from the 1920s and my Philip Treacy hats. I love feathers, rose-cut diamonds and old cufflinks.

DO YOU HAVE PET HATES ? I hate trainers and shell suits, and I am not good on prints. I like things to look neat and tidy and I hate too many logos. I don't do floaty stuff much.

DO YOU ALWAYS WEAR SUCH HIGH HEELS? I always wanted to be tall, and I shrink when I take off my shoes. I have always had my shoes made to my own design and I wear flats only at the gym. Louboutin made me a pair of shoes out of a Guinness can, but I haven't worn them for years.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO DRESS UP? About 10 minutes. I do my own hair and as long as I have a decent manicure, clean hair and two or three favourite things, then I get myself together very quickly. It's easy once you have the same black and white base. Otherwise it takes me hours.

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  1. Fierce outfit!!

    You've received an award on my blog! :)

  2. ohhh amazing i heart pugh!!so futuristic

  3. That is a fantastic outfit. I really love these interviews where people share that they're not all about the latest fashion but actually depend a lot more on classic pieces than people think.

  4. i love that outfit and this interview is fantastic!

  5. ohh man I lovee her! And that gareth pugh dress is amazing!
    PS - love your leggings in the below post!

  6. Hi :)
    She's really cool!
    I agree with her, Gareth Pugh is the most interesting dress designer to come out of the UK for a while!
    I love him since he appeared in "Fashion House" tv show.

  7. she is so cute. Love her

  8. Cute belt! And I like your leggings, very sally indeed