Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank You, Matthew Williamson

...for being you. In a sea of black and gray, we can always rely on you to give us that incredible kaleidoscope of color that always makes your collections stand out from the rest. You bring sunshine into our lives when it's cold and gray and that's why we love you. Never change!

Matthew Williamson Fall 09


  1. the last outfit is interesting... i also saw it on style rookie's blog.
    It makes me think of glass shards which kind of makes me relate that to the personality of the woman wearing it. So like, she has a cold and breakable personality?
    haha i don't know. im up at 4 am and i don't know why.
    btw, in reply to ur comment about my boyfriend letting me dress him up - ha, it's cuz we have similar styles so a lot of times it's him suggesting to take pics a certain way. like, he found this weird gas mask thing on a playground, and wants to do a photoshoot with it. he he....

  2. his use of pattern/print is really amazing

  3. I'd sell my soul for the last dress... xx

  4. that floor length dress is magical, reminds me of mermaids

  5. This collection seems very polished for him. That evening gown... the cut especially, is so amazing!

  6. Oh, god! That first coat is to die for! I love Matthew Williamson.

  7. I love it! His prints are fantastic.

    Stay chic,