Monday, February 16, 2009

Match Up

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Match Up

Match Up

Isn't it great when things work out without any planning? I finally got a much-needed pedicure and picked one of those lovely dusty shades of purple OPI has been offering lately. Then, I just-so-happened to bust out my new shoes, which just-so-happened to perfectly match the purple nail polish I had picked. I'm not much of a matcher, but it was satisfying, nonetheless.

Another musing: I've never been much of an accessories person, and I have a lot of inner turmoil over this shortcoming (or not, depending on my mood that day). I guess, I mean to say, I'm not much of a "tons of accessories" person. This is not to say I'm not appreciative of this talent, I'm just old-fashioned, I suppose, and am still of the mindset that one picks the "show piece" and that is the piece that one "shows." grow out of this or not?

Sorry guys, I totally dropped the ball (think I was tired last night) and forgot to mention what I'm wearing.
Alice Temperley for Target jacket
Gap top
Mango jeans
Mellow Yellow shoes


Alice X said...

out grow, definately. i'm not much for accessories either, but a girl just can't resist a new pair of shoes or a chunky necklace...or a vintage beaded clutch. just saying;)

E said...

Ha! I guess you're right. I really do love shoes (I guess "Accessories" is too broad a category). I was thinking more jewelry + scarves + hats. I always think my child-sized head is too small for it all!

Elizabeth said...

those shoes are absolutly amazing!

paulistanangelina said...

Beautiful shoes! Where did you get them. I love how they break semi-sobriety of the blazer.

Kat George said...

I LOVE the way you wear the white jeans- I bought a pair but have never worn them because I don't know what to pull them off with... But now you're given me hope!!


Fell4fashion said...

Those shoes are hot!!!

proudly says, said...

i love the outfit.
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