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The last couple days on our trip were great. Unfortunately, we over-served ourselves on New Year’s Eve (as expected) and almost slept through our entire day at Ile-des-Saintes. Thankfully, we were able to take advantage of the beach there, but my family told me how incredibly adorable the town was and that just rubbed salt in the wound. B. and I both decided it was one of the most beautiful places we visited and we definitely want to go back. On another note, Martinique has friggin’ sweet parks (they have in-ground trampolines!). Oh and I also got a fabulous pair of shoes there that I can’t wait to share in a later post.

Okie doke, as for what I’m wearing, it’s not super-exciting, but I have had a long love affair with these shoes. My first pair of Stella McCartney’s and hopefully not my last, these babies surprisingly work with a lot of outfits.

Royal Clipper



Martinique trampoline

beautiful old church in Barbados

AA tanks, Proenza Schouler for Target skirt, Stella McCartney shoes, Caribe beer

On a side note, B. and I were watching Reality Bites last night and thinking how that movie seemed to be our generation’s vision of adulthood. I guess the whole “living in a slightly disfunctional group house” wasn’t too far off for me.

The rest of my trip pics are here.

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Beautiful pics!


looks so lovely

another fabulous post!


Thank you! It was a wonderful change from the gloomy climate here!


Oh, everything is so beautiful…

I’m looking your flickr.

A kiss,
Noelle from Brazil.

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