Monday, December 15, 2008

In Search of Trousers

I have a great affinity for pants as of late and there are so many exciting sillouettes to be had! Things I am currently searching for: a satin pajama-style pant, some sort of poofy-hipped jodhpur, and something pleated and slouchy. I have been searching far and wide and the following are what I would like to own, in a perfect world. (I apologize for the Mango and Topshop links, but I can't link to items directly.)


  1. I love the harem pants, but in black. I don't buy them 'cause they are not so easy to combine!

  2. Lovethe 2nd & third pair. For some reason I can't get my head around the harem pants. That's pobably because I have hips.

  3. Yeah, I agree the harem pants are a little tricky. I think it takes a very well-tailored pair to make them flattering. However, I did recently find a poofy-hipped pant that is more flattering than I ever would have thought!